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The Revolution Supports Both 50/60 Hz Applications
The Revolution supports both 50 or 60 Hz applications. Because of its compatibility to different voltage inputs,
OEMs can stock less inventory. The Revolution offers the ultimate flexibility in configuring a hot tub for any
specific need. Additional inventory stock for different requirements is a thing of the past. The Revolution also has
both UL and CE approvals, the standard of safety worldwide.

Our Revolution System is built on our M7 technology. Click on the icon to learn more.  M7 Application Guidelines

Incomparable System Reliability

The Revolution utilizes advanced technology and high-temperature corrosion proof mission
critical materials from the automotive and other industries, that all but eliminate leaks due to
corrosion or harsh chemicals. Together with a newly designed, energy efficient heating coil that
reduces element failures due to rattling, Balboa is providing peace of mind for the end-user.

Tight Spots Are a Thing of the Past
The Revolution sports a compact low profile package offering flexibility with mounting to give
you the most in tub design and manufacturing line flexibility. A single model can be configured
on the line to support various system configurations without adding additional skus. Together
with a new terminal block designed for easy field installation, the Revolution series expands
the world for you.

Voltage Supply: 120 - 240 VAC  50/60Hz
Sensors: M7 patented temperature probes
Certifications: UL recognized, CE
Spa Lights Controls: 120VAC, 1 Amp, On/Off, Four hour timer

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Spa Control Systems Catalog

Spa Control Systems Catalog

Spa Control Systems Catalog (8mb)
Revolution System Overview Manual (16mb)
Revolution Installation and Service Manual (9mb)
Revolution Sell Sheet

Control Panels:
TP600 and TP400 Control Panels - Simplified Menus
TP600 and TP400 Control Panels - Standard Menus
Revolution TP600 Panel Instructions in French
Revolution TP600 Quick Reference Card

Wi-Fi Hardware Connections


System Specifications


 System Material Number
Pump 1
 Pump 2
or Blower
System Balboa BP1500 (Domestic)
2 spd or 1 spd with Circ
 1 spd
4.0 kW 800 Incoloy Element
System Balboa BP1500 (Domestic)2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd4.0 kW Titanium Element
56129-XX* System Balboa BP1600 CE (International)2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd3.0 kW 800 Incoloy Element
System Balboa BP1600 CE (International)2 spd or 1 spd with Circ1 spd3.0 kW Titanium Element

Compatible Plumbing Kits (Coupling nuts and seals included)
559112” Tailpieces (2-Speed Pump 1)

Panels And Overlays

The sleek new topside panel includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD with simple to follow end user menus.
With new press and hold button technology, setting temperature and other common tasks have been simplified.
User navigation is intuitive and easier than ever, reducing customer service help calls.
Panel TP600

50056-XX* (TP600 2 Jets with overlay 12198)
55673-XX* (TP600 with overlay 12101)
55676-XX* (TP600 no overlay)
56046-XX* (TP600 15 ft cable no overlay)
56047-XX* (TP600 15 ft)
50014-XX* (TP600CE International)
50015-XX* (TP600CE no overlay International)

Panel TP400

55701XX*(TP400T no overlay)
50260XX*(TP400T with overlay 12511)
55702XX*(TP400W no overlay)
50260XX*(TP400W with overlay 12511)


Overlay 12198 (Jet 1, Jet 2, Flip, Warm, Light, Cool)
Overlay 12510 (Warm, Cool, Light, Jets)


Overlay 12101 (Jets, Aux, Flip, Warm, Light, Cool)
Overlay 12511 (Temp, Jets, Light, Aux)

The TP600 Is Available In Different Colors



If you like to order a different color overlay please call Customer Service 1-714-384-0384 for details.
* = XX represents the latest model revision. (Ex. XX will be replaced by 01, 02, 03 etc.) When an order is placed the latest model will be pulled.



Wi-Fi Module

Wi-Fi Module

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